Monday, April 26, 2010

Bones Of Contention

We had a perfect night for grilling and taking careful consideration of the FDA's warning regarding bones, we decided to ignore the government agency, live dangerously and enjoy our treats.  As always, we directed the cook to prepare our meal rare, with just a light sear and plenty of cooling time.  We are curious why the cook cools our bones in the microwave; maybe he doesn't want us surfing before we eat.

Num, Num, Num.... just the way I like em.

I really like my bone, no one better get too close.

Uh Oh, just about gone, maybe some leftovers landed on my paw.

I still have some left because I savor my meat, and don't wolf everything down like Remy.

Flash, give me whats left on your bone now !!!!

Do I look like I am kidding?
Do I look like I take you seriously?

Hmmmm, I guess he thought I was kidding.

I wonder if they have anything good across the street.

Remy and Flash

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wubba Wednesday

Still Life With WUBBA

1...2...3....4...... I declare a Wubba War

Remy and Flash

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lazy Flash Sunday

That is a pretty furry table.  Thank goodness Remy didn't see that cookie there, it would have made a great picture but I would have been missing a chunck of my side.

Uhhhh, cant you see I am trying to sleep?  You don't expect a medal for giving me a cookie; do you? 

It is way too hard being a Husky.

Okay, now I am awake.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Messed Up My Post

My dad had this great idea of chronicling my trip to the groomers, big mistake.  He thought he could trick me by making me think we were going on an adventure alone, without Flash, does he think I am stupid?  The only places I go alone are to the Vet and to the groomer and I do not forget.

Okay, you have one leash; should that excite me?  You may also want to wash the floors, you know Flash and I don't pay attention to the floor mat that says "WIPE YOUR PAWS"

I am a little excited at the door, Flash thinks he can talk Dad into taking him too.  I am not feeling real good about what is in store for me.

I am in the truck ready to roll, no Flash.  Uh Oh !!!!

Here is where the post falls apart, Dad thought he was going to get pictures of me happily walkiing into the groomers like a conquering hero, wrong.  When we pulled up at the groomers I did get out of the truck as I wanted everyone to see and admire me (I even left some mail) and I did walk calmly into the groomers but as soon as dad came in behind me I made a U-turn and headed to the door, and not just straight out but out backwards, I was trying to back out of my collar.  This is not my walking leash and collar, it was loose so Dad had to run after me making sure there was no tension on the leash otherwise he would be standing there with my leash and collar and no me,  I would be gone in 60 seconds.  We must have been 50 feet into the parking lot before he was able to grab me, I made a commotion Woo Hoo.  There is a very busy street next to the parking lot so I could see alot of fear and tension in Dad's face.... serves him right.

Unfortunatly for me I was caught and Dad, even though he is getting old was able to pick me up and carry me into the groomers.  The only good thing is that I know everyone was laughing at Dad and admiring my tenacity ...... and he was unable to take any pictures of me going into this torture.

I am not happy about my bath but at least I am home, sometimes it is not cool being a Wooly Siberian.  Flash at least gets his baths at home.

Sorry I would not allow Dad to take pictures but it is bad enough going to the groomers, I will not allow it to go easy for him.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fur, Toys and Hurt Feelings

Still Moultinig

 Wubba Time, hope I don't hit myself in the head when I start shaking it.

A few of my toys, dont even think about it Flash.

Puleez Remy, I have more toys than that in the house, Don't worry your big head.

 Big Head?  Did he just say I had a big Head? My head is perfect, right Dad?

Remy and Flash

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rough Weekend

Please wake us up on Tuesday

Remy and Flash

Friday, April 2, 2010

Flashback Friday

My Cousin Whiskey the Malamute and me.

A couple weeks ago Remy and I went to visit the Grandparents out in the desert before it got too hot.  Dads sister who lives out there came over too and brought our cousin Whiskey the Mala-mutt (ha ha) so we could all play.

We did not co-operate with the flashy beast this trip so this is about the only picture Dad got of us.  If you look in the upper left hand corner next to the shed you can see Remy's tail and pantaloons.  He is looking for a cat who is not his friend.

When Remy was 9 months old (before I came into their lives) Dad brought him out for a visit at Christmas. Remy was let loose in the yard, found a trespassing cat within 30 seconds of being off his leash and had it in his jaws.  Dad was able to chase down Remy, tackle him and pry his jaws open and release the cat.  Dad was all scratched up from the cat and Remy even bit him. Unfortunatly their are no pictures or any other evidence other than Dads scars.  I am sorry I missed that, I am not sure if I would have helped Remy or Dad.

After the cat escaped Remy's Jaws of Death it immediatly ran behind the shed until they could get Remy inside the house; the cat finally came out from behind the shed with some gentle poking with a rake ....handle by Whiskey's Dad, (the cat was given some time to calm down before the poking started).  The cat was fine and ran away as fast as it could get out of the Grandparents yard.  The Grandparents reported seeing the cat many times after this episode in the neighborhood acting normally for a cat (whatever that is) but never again trespassing in their back yard.