Saturday, February 27, 2010

Please allow me to introduce myself

Greetings all, we are new to this blogging, so me (Remy) Flash and my dad are going to give it a go.  I will probabaly be the main voice as I am the most Sycho of the Siberians in this house.  Flash is very well behaved, a little too well behaved if you ask me, and my dad .......... I put up with him as long as he does what I tell him to do, gives me and Flash treats (mainly me.. Flash is on his own) and loads us in the truck to take us to cool places and adventures.

This is my Dad and Mom, on the left is Dad, Tonto and on the right Mom, Powder. 


  Next I will show you some pictures of me before my Dad brought me home.

The first picture is me at one week, the second picture is me at four weeks and the last picture is me at six weeks.  Six weeks is the point that my Dad decided to come meet me and bring me to MY house when I was eight weeks old.  He could see the look in my eyes that I was trouble but he took me anyway; so everything that I have done and everythinig that has happened is his own fault.

Our next post Flash will introduce himself and then we should be off and running, mushing and being Siberians, hopefully some of what we do will be entertaining. Well, everything Flash and I do is entertaining, whether our Dad can help us convey that is another issue for another day.



Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Nice to meet you Remy! You were a super cute puppy! How old are you now?

Steve and Kat

SibeFamily said...

You are two special Sibes!! So glad to find you! A Red and a Wooly... You can come by our blog and see some of our pretty Huskies too!